Rock Creek Noxon, Montana

Hecla acquired the Rock Creek project in June 2015 with the acquisition of Revett Mining Company. The Rock Creek project is located approximately five miles northeast of Noxon, Sanders County, Montana (about 50 miles north of the Lucky Friday mine in Idaho). The property is approximately 1,550 acres.

Map - Rock Creek
Overview & History

The project as proposed, is to be developed in two phases: (1) the construction and development of the evaluation adit and (2) the development of the mine and construction of the mill facilities. The evaluation program will further define the technical and economic aspects of the project and result in a feasibility study. Presuming a positive feasibility study, and the receipt of the necessary construction permits, Hecla intends to develop Rock Creek as an underground room and pillar mine with conventional crushing and flotation processing.

Consistent with Hecla’s core values, protection of the environment and wildlife is paramount and the Rock Creek Grizzly Bear Mitigation plan will contribute to both the protection and recovery of the species.


Information with respect to measured, indicated and inferred resources is set forth below.

(As of December 31, 2014 unless otherwise noted)
Tons Silver Gold Lead Zinc Copper Silver Gold Lead Zinc Copper
(000) (oz/ton) (oz/ton) (%) (%) (%) (000 oz) (000 oz) (Tons) (Tons) (000 lb)
Inferred Resources (1) 137,000 1.67 0.72 229,000 2,022
(1) These resources calculated for Revett based upon a technical report (the “Rock Creek Report”) dated May 7, 2004, amended as of January 27, 2005, prepared by SRK Consulting, Toronto, in accordance with 43-101.

2014 Reserves & Resources PDF

Future Plans – Permitting

The permitting process for Rock Creek is ongoing with the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) from the U.S. Forest Service expected in 2016 for public comment. Once completed the Final SEIS along with the upheld Biological Opinion will form the basis of a revised Record of Decision.

The Revett acquisition also brought the Troy mine to Hecla, which was put on care-and-maintenance by Revett and will now be closed by Hecla.