Safety and Health

Hecla’s greatest resource is its people; their health and safety is our top priority. Without our dedicated and talented workforce, we would not be as successful as we are today. Management is responsible for ensuring a safe workplace by minimizing hazards and providing training and safe equipment. Each property has its own challenges and solutions, but all have the same goal: to send employees and contractors home to their families safe and sound – every day.

In 2012, Hecla joined with the National Mining Association (NMA) as one of the participating companies in the new CORESafety mining program, a scalable safety and health management system recently endorsed by the NMA as a new paradigm in mine safety and health.

“We are pleased to actively participate in the new NMA-endorsed CORESafety program, announced by the NMA board of directors recently and specifically designed for U.S. companies to improve and measure mine safety and health,” said Phillips S. Baker, Jr., Hecla’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “We at Hecla applaud this important initiative and believe it will help provide even better tools and benchmarks to improve and manage safety and health performance.”

CORESafety is a scalable mining-specific safety and health management system specific with a goal of eliminating fatalities and reducing the rate of mining injuries by 50 percent nationwide over the next five years, according to the NMA. U.S. mining companies including Hecla employ more than 100,000 Americans participating in the CORESafety program.

CORESafety is the result of nearly two years of mining industry-wide collaboration, utilizing the most effective workplace practices to stop accidents before they happen. The system stresses continuous and measurable improvement in safety and health.

Our system is outlined in Hecla’s Safety and Health Management System, which identifies twelve elements for building a safe workplace and creating a sustainable safety culture.