Embracing Innovation

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We promote a culture of innovation by driving and embracing technologies throughout our company. Our philosophy of developing long-life mines is helping to make Hecla a leader among companies our size in adopting new technologies that have a significant impact in improving the health and safety of our employees, improving environmental performance, and increasing mine-operating efficiency and productivity. In particular, we seek to increase safety and productivity by automating certain mining tasks. This automation allows the miners to do more planning and problem solving and machines to do more of the repetitive work tasks.

Employee at surface operating LHD.

Load, Haul, and Dump (LHD) loader underground.

The backbone for innovation began with fiber optic cable and establishing “hotspots” to bring wireless technology to more than a mile below the surface in solid rock and our workers regularly use tablets underground. From there, we have taken a step-by-step approach to implementing technologies that make sense for our innovation strategy. For example:

  • We are an early adopter of the Teleremote battery operated LHD equipment that is remotely administered and reduces energy use and heat output. This technology significantly lowered levels of noise and improved worker safety by moving employees away from the mine face. They have also added to production output by utilizing previously unused standby time at the end of work shifts. This technology platform enables one operator to remotely oversee up to three machines from the same station in the mine office.
  • Our autonomous 24-hour underground truck operation at the Casa Berardi Mine has increased safety, increased payloads by 8 percent and decreased energy use by 17 percent per vehicle. The expected cost savings from just two trucks totals around $3 M per year.
  • Clean air quality underground is of utmost importance to the safety of our workers. For this reason, Hecla was an early adopter of Ventilation On Demand (VOD), an optimization-via-automation approach that targets the vital process of supplying fresh air to underground miners in their scattered workplaces while exhausting the used air that has acquired excess heat, noxious gases, and dust.
  • At our Casa Berardi Mine, we installed timers on the mine ventilation systems and reduced electricity consumption for underground ventilation by 23 percent in 2019.
  • We utilize an automated jumbo stope drill at Casa Berardi that allows drilling during shift changes and improves drill accuracy while also increasing productivity and efficiency.

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Future Technologies

The Remote Vein Miner is currently undergoing acceptance testing at the manufacturer’s test mine in Sweden. This state-of-the-art technology will incorporate the multiple steps of underground mining into a continuous operation.

Worker Retraining

New technologies are reshaping the way underground mines operate. As we embrace these innovations, we are looking to use machines and automation – which can be programmed to perform repetitive tasks in a generally predictable environment – and people to utilize their problem-solving skills and their capacity for dealing with the unexpected.

Hecla places particular emphasis on ensuring employees are able to manage and execute emerging technologies that make our workplace safer and more efficient. For example, we have advanced worker progression skill training in partnership with North Idaho College and the Workforce Training Center in Coeur d’Alene to equip the Lucky Friday hourly workforce in expanding their skills sets.

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