Partnering with Communities

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CEO Phil Baker leads hiking excursion near Hecla’s projects in NW Montana.

Stamp Mill in the interactive children’s exhibit at Juneau Douglas City Museum.

Responsible mining starts with the health and safety of our employees and local communities, protecting the environment, and developing partnerships to support the economic and social framework of our host communities.

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Community Relations

We engage with the community during every stage of the mining life cycle.

During all phases of mining, we strive to:

  • Communicate information through local media, flyers, social media, and community meetings
  • Emphasize listening and responding to local stakeholders’ feedback and concerns or grievances
  • Make all materials available in the local language and provide translation if necessary
  • Work with local stakeholders to identify and prioritize opportunities for community support via the Hecla Charitable Foundation
  • Publicly disclose the results of environmental, economic, and social impact assessment
  • Collaborate with local stakeholders to mitigate environmental and social impacts
  • Become a community partner and encourage company management and employees to take leadership positions in the community

Visit our 2020 Sustainability Report to learn more about how we engage with the community as well as the protocols and committees we use to communicate with stakeholders about ESG performance.

Economic Impact

Lucky Friday shift change.

Downtown Wallace, Idaho.

We have a small environmental footprint, but we provide large social and economic benefits in our local communities.

  • At the end of 2020, Hecla’ total workforce was 2,257, including 1,621 employees and 636 contractors.
  • We are the largest private-sector employer and taxpayer in Juneau, Alaska and Wallace/Mullan, Idaho.
  • Our employees earned total compensation of more than $178 million.
  • More than one indirect job is created by each direct Hecla job. This leads to more than 3,000 workers in the local communities.

In addition, our work makes a direct economic impact of more than $550 million in wages, benefits, payment of taxes and license fees, purchase of goods and services, and local donations and contributions.

Indigenous Peoples Partnerships

Hecla has long appreciated the importance of open and respectful dialogue with local Indigenous Peoples around our operations.

In 2020, Hecla Quebec and the Council of the Abitibiwinni First Nation signed a Cooperation Agreement for the exploration, development, and operation of the Casa Berardi Mine projects. The objectives of the agreement include developing and maintaining a long-term relationship between the parties and providing for real and meaningful participation in these projects, including training programs, employment and advancement opportunities, business opportunities, and environmental protection measures. The agreement also creates a mechanism that allows the First Nation community to benefit financially from the long-term success of the projects.

Learn more in the Indigenous Relations section of our 2020 Sustainability Report.

Social Investments

Hecla and our employees provide large social benefits wherever we operate by partnering and contributing in meaningful ways to the social well-being of our host communities. Despite the challenges from COVID-19, our employees and Hecla continued to give back to communities in a variety of ways. For example,

  • Casa Berardi’s management team raised funds for the Maison St-André Abitibi-Ouest. Employee contributions helped raise a record total of $14,100 for food assistance to low-income people in Abitibi- Ouest.
  • The Lucky Friday Mine provided lunches and snacks for Silver Valley Youth when they were not in school.
  • Employees of the Casa Berardi Mine organized a clean-up of the Rotary Beach in Palmarolle as part of the Mouvement Zéro Déchet Abitibi-Témiscamingue activity.
Education Partnerships

Providing educational opportunities in our local communities has always been a priority for Hecla. We have partnered with a number of organizations on programs that are specifically geared toward training students for a career in mining. Examples include:

Pathway Program and University of Alaska’s Southeast Center for Mining Training, Greens Creek
In 2020, Greens Creek renewed a partnership with the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS) Center for Mine Training by committing a gift of $315,000 for scholarship assistance. Pathway to Mining Careers is a world-class workforce development program that prepares Alaskans for key jobs in the mining industry. This latest investment marks 10 years and $1.2 million in contributions to UAS since the partnership began. To date, more than 10 percent of the diesel mechanics at Greens Creek have started their career paths at UAS.

Hecla-Quebec Global Development Fund (UQAT Foundation)
The University of Quebec in Abitibi-Témiscamingue and Hecla Quebec have partnered for 10 years to support students through the Hecla-Quebec Global Development Fund (UQAT Foundation). Since 2009, Hecla Quebec has donated $1.8 million to the Foundation thanks to a grant of $1 per ounce produced at the Casa Berardi Mine.

Mineral Extraction Program in Quebec
In 2020, Hecla Quebec hired a total of 15 graduates from the Mineral Extraction program at the James Bay Vocational Training Center. The program allows students to perform the practical part of their training at the Casa Berardi Mine.

Mobile Mine Mechanics Training Program
Hecla Quebec collaborated with the James Bay and Lac Abitibi professional training centers to develop a new mine mechanics training program that has enrolled a total of 16 students.

Employee Education Support

Hecla offers a reimbursement program to assist with educational expenses for employees who are interested in furthering their education.

Hecla Charitable Foundation

The Hecla Charitable Foundation was established in 2007 to provide grants and disburse funds for educational and charitable purposes to qualifying 501(c)(3) organizations. The foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life – and to promote the social, environmental, and economic sustainability and development – of those communities where Hecla has operations and activities.

In 2021, the Hecla Charitable Foundation donated more than $463,000 toward education, youth activities, community programs, and health services activities. Since 2009, the Foundation has contributed over $4.1 million.

Application Information
Grant applicants must submit a Foundation Grant Application including a current IRS tax-exempt determination letter.

Canadian-based applicants must submit a Canadian Grant Application and the additional Appendix A or B based on their qualifications outlined in the Affidavit Packet.

Before actual submission of an application, you are strongly encouraged to contact a local Hecla employee and discuss your needs. Grant applications that are in turn recommended to the foundation by Hecla employees in the community have a greater chance of success. Grant applications should be submitted well in advance of funding needs, as there will only be two application review intervals during the year.

Hecla Charitable Foundation Contact
Jeanne DuPont, corporate communications coordinator
Hecla Charitable Foundation
6500 North Mineral Drive, Suite 200, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815-9408
208.769.4177 (phone)
208.769.7612 (fax)