Our Responsibility

At Hecla, responsible mining includes being transparent and open, responsible to the safety of both people and the environment, committed to continuous improvement through technological innovation. And it’s made possible only through the dedication of our employees – and with the support of both corporate governance and the communities in which we operate.

Safeguard iconWe Safeguard the Environment
Hecla Environment

Our Environmental Management System was developed to ensure continuous improvement in our environmental performance – while promoting a culture of awareness and contribution from every one of our employees.


  • our Environmental Management System uses standardized processes and practices to improve compliance, reduce environmental impact, and increase operating efficiencies
  • 60% less diesel fuel consumption at Greens Creek through the use of interruptible hydropower (since 2006)
  • 50% of Greens Creek and Casa Berardi tailings returned underground as structural fill
  • 8% more loads, 17% less energy use per vehicle due to autonomous haulage and hoisting at Casa Berardi
  • more than $175 million committed to ensure mined lands are successfully reclaimed following operations
  • more than $1 million in annual energy savings at Greens Creek due to on-demand ventilation
  • 2017 company-wide Scope 1 CO2 equivalents, 49,000 metric tons; Scope 2 CO2 equivalents, 463 metric tons
  • completed independent tailings stewardship reviews at both Casa Berardi and Midas Mines in 2018
  • water audits at each active operation to reduce freshwater use and maximize recycling opportunities
  • reclamation is on track at the former Troy Mine, where more than 90% of its tailings have been covered or topsoiled and seeded
  • partnered with Western Shoshone Tribe in concurrent reclamation at Hollister Mine – and in siting exploration pads to minimize disturbance
  • currently establishing 2019 water conservation targets

Employees iconWe Protect Our Employees
Hecla Employees

Our greatest resource is our people; their health and safety is our highest priority. It’s the same goal wherever we operate: Send employees and contractors home to their families safe and sound – every day.


  • first hardrock mining company to receive independent certification under the National Mining Association’s CORESafety system in 2016
  • Casa Berardi became the first internationally operated mine to become CORESafety certified in 2018
  • company-sponsored health, wellness, and education programs for all employees
  • more than 53,000 hours company-wide of safety and health training in 2017
  • 55% decrease in the All Injury Frequency, 2012-17
  • First Place, Central Mine Rescue Competition, Lucky Friday Mine Rescue Team, 2017
  • Second Place, Central Mine Rescue Competition, Greens Creek Mine Rescue Team, 2017
  • Seventh (of 44) Place overall, National Metal/Non-Metal Mine Rescue Competition, Luck Friday Mine Rescue Team, 2018
  • Tenth (of 44) Place overall, National Metal/Non-Metal Mine Rescue Competition, Greens Creek Mine Rescue Team, 2018

Community iconWe Partner with Our Communities
Hecla Communities

We believe our responsibility extends to the communities in which we conduct business – by partnering and contributing in a meaningful way both to their economic and social well-being.


  • in 2018 entered into an exploration agreement with upper British Columbia’s Gitanyow Band
  • $2.7 million in Hecla Charitable Foundation contributions since 2009
  • more than $1 million in donations toward student scholarships by the Hecla UQAT Foundation in Quebec since 2009
  • $900,000 given to support sustainable career development programs at Greens Creek Mine since 2011
  • Casa Berardi awarded the 2016 Excell’Or trophy for economic contribution and sustainable development by the Abitibi-Ouest Chamber of Commerce
  • largest private-sector employer in Juneau, Alaska
  • Hecla employees volunteer as members of school boards, provide education in health and safety, coach sports teams, promote mining education at the local and state levels, or participate in programs with local museums to preserve mining’s rich heritage
  • annual student internship programs provide local students exposure to the multifaceted careers available in the industry

Community iconWe Lead by Example
Hecla Communities

We seek not only to pursue, but also to deliver the highest standard of ethics and integrity in every aspect of our business – so that we will be a positive influence wherever we operate.


  • operations located in the top 10 jurisdictions in terms of investment attractiveness (Fraser Institute, 2017)
  • leadership positions in the National Mining Association, the Québec Mining Association, the American Exploration & Mining Association, and Camimex
  • representatives on governing committees of the Alaska, Idaho, and Nevada Mining Associations
  • Mark Board was elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 2014 and received the SME Rock Mechanics Award in 2013