Hecla’s Responsible Actions

Safety: Educate Others

Hecla’s Corporate Director of Safety and Health, Michael Wegleitner, brings the safety message home and to nearby schools.

Safety: Take it Home

Hecla geologist Jonathan Moore was working in his yard with his two young children. He regularly demonstrates to them how Hecla teaches him to stay safe.

Respecting and Protecting Habitats

Our mines are located in some of the world’s most unique habitats, and we strive to be attentive neighbors that ensure wildlife is safe and protected for the present and future.

Positive Economic Impact that Really Adds Up

Companywide, Hecla employs close to 1,700 people with a total direct compensation of more than $50.9 million per year. In addition, more than one indirect job is created by each direct Hecla job.

The Safest Mines in America

Our Lucky Friday Mine was recently named a 2018 Sentinels of Safety award winner by the National Mining Association (NMA) for its stellar safety record.

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