Hecla’s Responsible Actions

Award Winning Safety Performance

Hecla’s goal is to bring every worker and every contractor home safe, every shift, every day. We are proud that in 2019, we reduced our company-wide All-Injury Frequency Rate (AIFR) by 20% to the lowest level in the company’s history of 1.61%–33% below the national average. And our AIFR is 70% lower than it was in 2014.

We achieve excellent mine safety and health performance by promoting a deeply rooted value-based culture, leveraging mining skills developed over our long history, and by innovating new practices. At Hecla, we also know that instilling the right behavior is fundamental to making our workplace as safe as possible. So, we invest in our people with training and the latest technology and workforce development programs that focus on safety first. As a result, Hecla employees and contractors are our partners in operations and sustainability, and their safety and health are our number one priority.

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