Hecla’s Responsible Actions

More Than Jobs: Going Above and Beyond to Invest in Our Communities

Hecla is often among the largest private-sector employers in the rural areas where our mines are located. But we know that we have more than an economic impact in these communities. The relationships we share necessitate responsibility, trust, and transparency.

As a corporation, they donate lots of money, lots of their time, in and out of the school. They’re known for their volunteerism. They’re known for helping financially with different causes,” said Beth Weldon, Mayor of Juneau, Alaska.

A side thing that Greens Creek does specifically for Juneau is it helps us with our electric grids. ALP sells power to the city, and when the city use is a little bit down, they can sell power to Greens Creek. What that does is it keeps the rates for the users all around down. So, in that way, they help us with keeping our electrical rates down. It also helps them if they’re getting power from us, they don’t have to burn diesel which lessens their carbon footprint.

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