Hecla’s Responsible Actions

Positive Economic Impact that Really Adds Up

Companywide, Hecla employs close to 1,700 people with a total direct compensation of more than $50.9 million per year. In addition, more than one indirect job is created by each direct Hecla job. This leads to more than 3,300 workers in the local communities – all from our mining operations.

One local resident equated the wages and benefits that mining pays to adding another 300 to 400 doctor-level salaries to his community, creating tremendous economic activity and opportunity.

“Hecla is a great company. You have a company that treats their employees like gold, is a community steward, the employees have the time they need, and the flexibility they need. Everyone that I’ve ever spoken with that works for the mines is very pleased, particularly at Hecla.” Wade Bryson, City and Borough of Juneau Assembly Member and local business owner in Juneau, Alaska

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