Hecla’s Responsible Actions

Water Management is Critical to our Communities

We take very seriously how our decisions and processes related to water management impact our overall operations and our communities. To protect shared resources and avoid negative impacts, all water discharged from our operations must meet applicable federal and state (or provincial) water quality permit conditions.

We constantly monitor all water through a robust program of sampling, quality analysis, and audits. These audits help us better understand usage, identify opportunities to reduce consumption, recycle water, and reduce the associated volume of treated water to ensure that natural waters are protected.

In 2019, companywide we increased our volume of recycled water by 4 percent. In addition, we recycled over 90 percent of the water from the tailings pond at the Casa Berardi Mine in Québec and more than 95 percent of the process water at the Lucky Friday Mine in Idaho.

Watch our video to learn how water management is critical to Hecla’s operations and our communities.

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