Hecla’s Responsible Actions / Employment

Big Economic Impact

Hecla is the largest private employer and taxpayer in Juneau, Alaska and the Wallace/Mullan area in Idaho – communities whose combined total population is less than 100,000 people.

Supporting Our Communities

Hecla and our employees strengthen our communities and our company by partnering and contributing in a meaningful way to the economic and social well-being of our host communities.

Investing in our Communities through Education

Trade jobs will continue to be important in the future, and that is why Hecla has created programs and job site visits to educate students in middle and high school about mining careers and to help in their pursuit of higher education.

Positive Economic Impact that Really Adds Up

Companywide, Hecla employs close to 1,700 people with a total direct compensation of more than $50.9 million per year. In addition, more than one indirect job is created by each direct Hecla job.

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